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This spring, Pediatric Therapy Center will be partnering with The Collaborative for Leadership in Ayres Sensory Integration (CLASI) program to help therapists get their certificate in Ayres Sensory Integration. PTC will act as an onsite location for therapists to complete part of their certification.

More about Ayres Sensory Integration

Ayres Sensory Integration (ASI) is a growing-area of therapeutic practice applications. Originally developed by Dr. A. Jean Ayres, an occupational therapist, psychologist and neurologist, these sensory integration practices have shown to be effective with children struggling with learning and behavior difficulties.

CLASI, co- founded by the first generation of students under Dr. A. Jean Ayres, is committed to following Ayres’ practices, research and knowledge regarding sensory integration. The mission of the organization is to support and develop leaders, promote knowledge development, disseminate evidence-based information, and facilitate learning and skills.

What makes Ayres Sensory Integration Unique?

Unlike other therapies, ASI’s main objective is to use play and physical activities to produce sensations that help the child respond to their environment.

After a thorough assessment of the patient, a therapist will make recommendations on how to best treat the condition. The therapist will then treat the child to help them learn how to best to understand their environment through the senses (touch, gravity, body position and movement, sight, smell, hearing and taste.)

This sensory integration program has been shown to be effective for kids with:

How do I enroll in CLASI?

The CLASI program is comprised of six modules, and the first module is open to anyone who wishes to know more about ASI theory. Modules three through five are for all healthcare professionals, while module six is geared toward occupational therapists, physical therapists and speech and language pathologists. If you already have a Sensory Integration certificate, you’re still welcome to enroll in this CLASI certification course.

Download program or for additional information, contact [email protected] or Pediatric Therapy Center.


Pediatric Therapy Center (PTC) offers exceptional, patient-centered occupational, physical and speech/language therapy for children. If you feel your child is exhibiting any signs of sensory integration difficulties, or is struggling developmentally in any way, call PTC at 713.772.1400 for a consultation with one of our experienced therapists today.


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