Handwriting Without Tears: Q&A

Handwriting Without Tears Our Handwriting Without Tears camp will be happening in July, and we’re already so excited about it we decided to interview our own occupational therapist, Corinda [...]


All You Want for Christmas is a Great Gift Idea: Part One

Ready or Not… Thanksgiving is almost here, and after the plates have been cleared it’ll be time to think about the most important holiday (at least to kids)…Christmas. Christmas can [...]


Torticollis: What You Need to Know Now

This Week we talk to physical therapist Jane Knowlton about torticollis, a somewhat common but relatively unheard of condition. In this post, find out what this condition is, how it can be [...]


A Service Dog’s Tale

How one service dog is changing the lives of an autistic boy and his family…. Meet Lex… 6 year old Lex Hitchins is an incredibly bright boy who loves science, math, facts, and [...]

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