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For the second year in a row, PTC held its Neuro-developmental treatment (NDT) therapy intensives – a three week intensive therapy “camp” for kids. Ten kids participated in this year’s camp; each child received 3 hours of therapy per day, one hour each of Physical, Occupational, and Speech therapy for a total of 45 sessions.

This intensive approach to therapy is unique and not practiced by all  therapy centers. Jane Knowlton, a physical therapist at PTC, explained why she thinks it’s important to hold intensives. “Research shows intensive episodes of care allow for greater progress; seeing kids everyday gives better outcomes,” she said.

Many parents saw vast improvements in their kids’ abilities. One parent, whose child participated in Camp Musketeer this summer said, “My child is so much stronger, has a faster reaction time and she’s keeping her hands open more.”

Another parent raved about the changes she saw in her son, “I have been able to brush my son’s teeth without him gagging and coughing. He can stand for a longer period of time and he is bearing weight through his arms much better.”

Having fun is an important part of intensives
With such concentrated sessions of therapy, it’s no surprise that the therapists have to make sure the kids stay motivated and focused. Jane said that the themes they introduced during camp this year really kept the kids working hard while having fun, “We had a circus week, a glow week and a superhero week. A lot of the therapists dressed up and there were prizes for the kids. This seemed to really make a difference.”
“We also make sure to incorporate play into how we move each child and to reward the kids for their efforts each day,” she said.

The best part of therapy intensives
“The second week is always the hardest” Jane said. “It seems that nothing is changing for the kids, but then kids start to have breakthroughs in their abilities. One little boy walked to his wheelchair holding only one of my hands. Sometimes you wait all year to see the kind of changes we saw in just three weeks.”

It seems many of the parents agreed – “We love this camp and hope to attend for many years,” one parent commented. Another parent said they would “absolutely 100% recommend this camp to others.”

Pediatric Therapy Center (PTC) provides highly specialized Physical, Occupational and Speech Language/Oral Motor/Feeding Therapy for kids. PTC offers comprehensive services to ensure your child receives the best care possible. For more information, call 713-772-1400.

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